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As well as offline activities, we offer an online marketing agency service that covers all activities across the web.

Having an effective website is an essential part of your marketing mix and for many visitors, your chance to make a great first impression. So a carefully considered online presence that’s easy to use, content rich and visually appealing is essential. A gu9creative developed website will deliver that all-important first impression. We can help your business to build awareness, develop leads or generate sales too.

Our online marketing and website development services include:

  • Information architecture (IA)
  • Content planning
  • Content management systms (cms)
  • Writing for the web
  • Designing websites
  • Programming websites
  • Search engine optimisation (seo)
  • Sengine marketing (sem)
  • Social media
  • Statistical reporting

Information architecture (IA)
It’s tempting just to put your company structure online. But it’s important to take a stap back here and consider this.

You (and we) are not your customers…

But thinking like one is fundamental to making your content easily accessible. We’re all familiar with the expression ‘goal driven and time poor’, but it’s particularly relevant to business users. We all want to find relevant information quickly and be able to act on it. If your content is hard to find or poorly signposted, you risk your prospects clicking off your site and perhaps onto your competitors’. So determining the best structure is the crucial first step in determining the most effective website for your goals.

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Content planning
Deciding how to say something can be just as important as what you say. Every organisation has a mine of usually ‘untapped’ but valuable information that resides with individual employees. This ‘hidden’ information can add context, relevance and specifics to company-wide knowledge. Opening these information ‘silos’ allows you to use every piece of knowledge to build compelling content, so it’s vital that a representative group of employees contribute at this stage.

If your business operates internationally there will also be cultural and other differences that must be considered to maintain local relevance.

gu9creative have extensive experience in developing pan-european websites in multiple languages. See the website case study links in the ‘Our Work’ section at the top of this page to see what online marketing agency work we’ve done for other companies.

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Content management systems (CMS)
A Content Management System allows you to manage the words and images of your website quickly and easily. This means that you can keep your text, images and data up to date, even up to the minute if necessary. You can have online access to your sites from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. No programming or coding skills are required, making it easy for anyone in your organisation to use, with minimal training.

Keeping your website up to date and adding new content also helps with search engine optimisation (seo). Search engines tend to favour sites that are actively managed, resulting in higher organic (or natural) search listings.

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Writing for the web
Eye-tracking studies demonstrate that visitors scan a page before deciding whether or not to read it. They look for words and phrases that match their search. So if you’ve spent hours carefully crafting compelling messages, but ‘hidden’ them in plain text or used generic headings such as “we go the extra mile” and so on, many will just click away without ever finding the good stuff.

Simply re-purposing text from printed documents or just posting large PDF downloads doesn’t work, generally, online. There is a place for PDF and other downloads, such as when presenting a linear argument or explanation. However for user problem solving, non-linear presentations demand clearly signposted content, manageable ‘chunks’ of text and links that allow the visitor to jump around related information. Allowing users the freedom to find information the way they want to, rather than have to think like a corporation improves your site’s ‘stickability’ – in other words the length of time that a visitor spends on your site. If your content is well organised and written, the longer they stay, the more likely they are to find what they’re looking for. In b2b environments your desired ‘conversion’ could be getting the visitor to shortlist you for a quotation or a link through to their nearest dealer to begin a negotiation, or a sign-up to a regular newsletter, or to download a whitepaper. Whatever ‘conversion’ you’re looking for, easily accessible and well written copy is essential to reach and exceed your goals.

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Designing websites
A gu9creative developed website is designed to present your content in a persuasive and easy to navigate way, leading your visitors through carefully planned information journeys, that lead logically to better conversion rates. Using your recommended information architecture (IA) and content planning, together with well-written text and carefully selected imagery, gu9creative websites are designed to maximise usability and ‘scanability’.
Our recommendations are based on user behaviour and studies show that easy to navigate sites with well sign-posted, information-rich content are more ‘sticky’. In other words visitors stay longer and do more.

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For more information on how gu9creative could build your online marketing presence to reflect your company’s offering, please contact us for a chat today on or 01252 856177.

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